The operating principle of LIGHTIFY Pro

The innovative, wireless LIGHTIFY Pro system by OSRAM enables wireless configuration and control of key functions of lighting installations using mobile devices. The system is based on the ZigBee Light Link standard. Luminaires equipped with LIGHTIFY Pro can use ZigBee to communicate directly with special radio-compatible push-button interfaces and sensors.

The connection to the mobile devices is set up via the LIGHTIFY Pro Gateway, which converts the WiFi signals into ZigBee signals. Thus, LIGHTIFY Pro can be used in almost any IT network. Should it not be possible to use the existing IT network, then the Hotspot function of the Gateway can be used to set up your own WiFi.

What is ZigBee?

ZigBee is a global standard for wireless data transmission. ZigBee Light Link was specifically developed for lighting applications, and features significant advantages over WLAN or Bluetooth transmission. ZigBee devices form a mesh network with all participants communicating together, i.e. they are both transmitters and receivers. In addition to other advantages, ZigBee has very low power consumption and enables long-term, reliable and maintenance-free operation.

Increased convenience in your light management system by the integration of mobile devices and cost savings thanks to wireless installation

Numerous LIGHTIFY Pro components are available for the installation of your individual lighting solution, along with previous preconfigured LIGHTIFY Pro luminaires. You can configure one or more LIGHTIFY Pro systems using the Commissioning App - installed on a mobile device or PC. You can operate lighting functions via the Control App - installed on a mobile device or PC. Both PC versions are planned for the end of 2016.

No need to give up what you are used to

  • No need to change habits using push-buttons/switches in light management systems
  • Push-button interface can be used independently of the surface design

Overview of important functions and features

  • High storage capacity for settings and personal configurations
  • Virtually unlimited options for creating lighting groups & scenes including preconfigured light modes for "Single offices", "Open-plan offices", "Corridors", "Staircases" etc.
  • System setup can contain up to 100 ZigBee nodes
  • Configuration of individual/all light points in a group
  • Integration of sensors (light & motion detection) and push-button coupler (switch/push-button interface)
  • Timer-controlled services, based on a Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality, such as daylight simulation (from end of 2015)
  • Emergency power supply for min. 72 hours for timer-controlled services if power is interrupted (from end of 2015)

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