SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 4, jetzt verfügbar!

Wir freuen uns, das vierte Service Release für Sympholight 3.0 zum Download anzubieten.

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General FEATURE: The speed of the Test Mode pattern can now be adjusted from 1 to 60 FPS in the settings dialog.
FEATURE: Added support for 16-Pixel Strips, Allegro Dot PXL Distributor (e:net device)
CHANGE: Updated support email address in all Windows / Screens.
FIX: Prevented flickering of Property Grid so that the DMX Start-Address of RDM fixtures can be set now.
FIX: Fade from last frame is working as expected when using with Mutex Groups now.
FIX: Updated the Driver for LCE extensions to resolve an issue where the LCE hardware hung.
FIX: When importing a *.pdoc patch into SYMPHOLIGHT the user will now be asked to save the current project.
FIX: Uploading certain video files will no longer lead to a crash.
FIX: Solved an issue that threw an exception when selecting fixtures within the universes of the “Layout” tool window.
ContentFEATURE: Added support for getting / changing the cue length and sequence position at runtime.
CHANGE: Changed update log entries from warning to info when updating source effects.
FIX: Default names of new sequences are no longer wrong / misleading.
FIX: Removed a wrong error message that was logged during the update of effect templates.
Workflow DesignerFEATURE: Added the possibility to activate / deactivate DACP optimization on DALI Group Block - You can disable DALI Group Luminance Output command reduction.
CHANGE: The Show loading mechanism will no longer refuse to load shows but instead just not loading the corrupted blocks and notes them in the log.
FIX: Stop Port of Mutex Group Block now stops the Mutex Group regardless which Sequence of the Mutex Group is running.
FIX: Solved an issue that when connecting object ports to bool ports SYMPHOLIGHT crashed.
FIX: Your template files are no longer deleted from the hard drive when importing them into SYMPHOLIGHT.
FIX: Solved a naming issue when importing templates.
FIX: Editing input port properties of a template instance can no longer corrupt your Project File.
FIX: When switching to the Workflow Designer tab there is no longer the possibility that all Workflow tabs are gone.
FIX: Color Picker Block is now sending the correct values when connected to a Solid Color 2D effect.
FIX: Toggle Buttons are now working as expected when connected to a Sequence.
FIX: Copy / paste / delete of Template Blocks are no longer leading to crashes.
FIX: Solved an issue that caused strange behavior of templates right after creating and instantiating them.
FIX: Enabled / IsEnabled Ports of Workflow Blocks are now working as expected within Templates.
ActionPad DesignerFEATURE: The knob of the Action Pad Fader can now be adjusted in width for easier usage on touch devices.
FEATURE: Action Pad elements now have a new property called “Manual Changes only” that allows you to let the workflow react only on manual changes and prevents feedback loops in the Workflow Designer.
FIX: Solved an issue that prevented fader values to be pushed to the workflow when clicking once on the fader.
FIX: Resolved a deadlock that leads to a script error and crash when deleting an Action Pad Button
EngineFIX: Resolved an issue that could lead to a deadlock within the DALI Line Engine.
FIX: Improved stability of communication between SYMPHOLIGHT and Relay / Input Nodes.
FIX: Improved communication with GlasTouches to prevent it from occasionally lose the connection to SYMPHOLIGHT.