SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0 service release 2, jetzt verfügbar!

...viele Verbesserungen und neue Funktionen.

Wir freuen uns, das zweite Service Release für Sympholight 3.0 zum Download anzubieten.

Es wurden nicht nur viele Performance-Verbesserungen und Bugfixes umgesetzt, sondern auch ein paar tolle neue Funktionen hinzugefügt. Unter anderem können jetzt Dali Befehle per Broadcast gesendet werden - ein Verknüpfen von virtuellen Ballasten ist nicht mehr nötig. Um bei der Inbetriebnahme einfacher testen zu können, gibt es jetzt den Broadcast Test Modus - einfach mal alle Leuchten einschalten oder ausschalten ohne vorherige Inbetriebnahme. Jetzt kostenlos herunterladen und ausprobieren.

Wir freuen uns über euer Feedback im neuen Forum oder per Email.



General FIX: Show file can be saved as HFP file again
FIX: Priority settings of migrated RGBW effects is now calculated correctly
FIX: Show loading now works while having values selected in the scene editor
FIX: SYMPHOLIGHT 2.1 shows with a Relay block used in the Workflow Designer can be loaded correctly
FIX: Solved an issue that was causing Sympholight to hang when unmatching DALI devices
FIX: Reduced memory consumption when working with the timeline
FIX: SYMPHOLIGHT now closes properly after using a Color Editor
SetupFEATURE: DALI broadcast communication per line without DALI configuration
FEATURE: DALI line test mode
CHANGE: Already matched virtual and real devices with the same DALI address can no longer be matched again
CHANGE: Offline real devices can no longer be matched
FIX: Adding a DALI PIR to a new layout is no longer deleting other PIRs from the show
FIX: Solved a naming problem that could occur while unmatching DALI devices
ContentCHANGE: When using Copy and Paste of Timeline elements, the attributes Blend Mode, Position, Size, and Opacity are pasted with them
FIX: Undoing the deletion of a Sequence item works now
Workflow DesignerFEATURE: Introduction of Workflow Block “DALI Ballast Line” to control DALI lines
FIX: Changing the start time of an event within a template works now
FIX: Solved an issue that caused the Workflow Designer to stop working
FIX: Multi Toggle Delay block now fires the elapsed event properly
FIX: No more error notifications while configuring the Multi Toggle Delay block
FIX: Solved an issue that caused the loss of all Target Devices
ActionPad DesignerCHANGE: In case the Is Pressed Text is empty the pressed button uses the Text property by default
CHANGE: Identifier is now used as default text for Buttons and Toggle Buttons
CHANGE: Removed hover text and all hover properties
CHANGE: The property Button Text is now called Text
CHANGE: The property Active Button Text is now called Is Pressed Text
CHANGE: The property Is Pressed Text is blank by default
FIX: Updating the color picker in the Action Pad works
FIX: Improved Action Pad for operation with hand held devices (Android, IOS)
FIX: Solved an issue where not all commands from the Action Pad were delivered to SYMPHOLIGHT
FIX: Using the Bulk dialog to change the Action Pad before it is loaded properly is no longer leading to a crash
FIX: Action Pad fader is no longer throwing script errors
FIX: Solved an issue that caused the Color Picker to flicker between values consistently
FIX: Setting the background color by using a color picker is now working correctly