CoorsTek Gallery & Office

Tokyo, Japan

CoorsTek, global leader in engineered technical ceramics, renovated their office in Japan in spectacular style, modernizing their office space while also presenting their company identity through a sensational light installation.


Kategorie: Office
Ort: Tokyo
Technology: LED
Jahr: 2016

The wonderfully imaginative minds at KOKUYO Co. Ltd created a mesmerizing light wall, epitomizing the CoorsTek core product values – pure, repeat, clarity. Through the utilization of 18 Traxon Dot XL-6, controlled via e:cue Butler XT2 and glass touch, and a number of glass panels, the design team forged a beautiful repeating pattern of light by cleverly manipulating illumination and reflections. Integrated into the mix is a host of motion sensors that are used to trigger different lighting effects, allowing visitors to interact with the light wall and immerse themselves within the light show. The light wall encases the viewer in a three-dimensional space, surrounding them with beautiful color-changing light patterns, repeated infinitely through the reflective surfaces of multiple glass panels. Not only is this installation unique and dazzling, it even received a plethora of honors, including the Red Dot Design Award – one of the highest distinctions of quality in design.

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Lightdesigner: Shinya Imazu
Installateur : Ryu Konishi, Archilights