Diving Bell Exhibition

Tokyo, Japan

OSRAM Lighting Solutions collaborated with Hiroshi Nakamura, one of the Japanese leading architects, to demonstrate Officine Panerai’s unique collection of the diver watches during the Diving Bell Exhibition at the Salone Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan on 16-25 October 2015.


Kategorie: Event
Ort: Tokyo
Technology: LED
Jahr: 2015

With the OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX and e:cue control systems, the inextricable link between Officine Panerai and the ocean was successfully presented. Five diving bells comprised of the seamless glass fiber were displayed in the exhibition. Equipped with a 360-degree spherical screen, each diving bell simulated the ocean scenes with dimensional sounds and visions. 3 reels of OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX were interconnected with e:cue DMX2PWM 9CH dimmer and received the DMX signals from e:cue Butler XT2. Once the visitors headed into the bells, the Butler XT2 received the motions from the optical gateway sensors and the diving bells would generate the sounds and color lightings simultaneously. With the OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the visitor could embrace the amusing and dynamic lighting and felt like diving under the deep ocean.

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