i Light Marina Bay 2017


OSRAM Lighting Solutions made a standout contribution to activate an aesthetic lighting in i light Marina Bay for the third consecutive year. The notable feature of this Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival exhibited 20 sustainable and stunning lighting art installations with the theme “Light & Nature” created by talents from all over the world. This year, OSRAM Lighting Solutions accomplished another astonishing wonder — Kaleidoscopic Monolith, for i Light Marina Bay - collaborating with lighting partners from Singapore University of Technology and Design.


Kategorie: Outdoor
Ort: Singapur
Technology: LED
Jahr: 2017

From a distant view, “Kaleidoscopic Monolith” was shaped as a shining diamond mounted on the Marina Bay Waterfront, virtually shedding rays of glorious brilliance and romance. If taking a close look, it created marvelous visual stimulations for the spectators with rows of convex crystal lights. Sublimation was brought into full play with three key design elements—light, reflection and different form. The animated lights and flashing beauty successfully lead the spectators to a glazed colorful world, making them bath in the soothing light as well as experiencing ingenious miracles.

To fashion such an animated kaleidoscope, OSRAM Lighting Solutions displays Traxon Dot XL-3 RGB connected via e:cue Butler XT2 on the surface of the installation to bring up the brilliant beauty of repeating, deforming patterns and resonate unique zest to the spectators. Sparkling in the Marina Bay, the charming and cutting-edge Kaleidoscopic Monolith caught not only eyes but also hearts of the spectators.

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