Shing Mun Bridges

Hong Kong, China

Connecting more than 630,000 residents in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. OSRAM Lighting Solutions is proud to offer an unforgettable experience to the everyday life of the residents in this area.


Kategorie: Smart City
Ort: Hong Kong
Technology: LED
Jahr: 2017

3 Shing Mun Bridges (Lek Yuen Bridge, Sand Martin Bridge and Banyan Bridge) are the main traffic hub for the residents to travel between two sides of the river. To beautify this with thematic lighting experience, more than 300 pcs of Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB are mounted on each bridge’s façade. Different lighting themes and modes are controlled by 3 sets of e:cue Butler S2 and Lighting Control Engine mx. The lighting effect of the bridge is synchronized with each other in order to deliver a dramatic atmosphere, touching the soul of the residents and visitors in the area.

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