Yanqi Lake

Beijing, China

Masterful strokes paint a massive landscape with dynamic light.

The Yanqi Lake in Beijing, China is a picture of serenity with great vistas of waterscape and landscape. An increasingly popular choice for locals and tourists alike, the Yanqi Lake was chosen as the location for the Belt and Road Forum 2017, an initiative that promotes closer economic cooperation and connectivity among countries from around the world. Encircled by the mountains of Jundu, Hongluo and Jingdeng it is a wonder to behold during the daytime, but its beauty is dulled by the darkness during the night. However, that is now history as OSRAM Lighting Solutions breathes new life to the nighttime scenery.


Kategorie: Outdoor
Ort: Beijing
Technology: LED
Jahr: 2017

Following the exceptional success and record-breaking attempt with the Wuhan Two Rivers and Four Banks light installation, OSRAM Lighting Solutions rose to face the challenge of Yanqi Lake. The environment around Yanqi Lake naturally generates harsh conditions, making this project extremely difficult. With tropical storms and snow likely occurrences, the survival of outdoor electronic equipment is slim and so it was required that the solution be robust, reliable and capable. The OSRAM OLUX® LED Flood Light 150W RGBW was selected because it can withstand the elements, come rain, snow or shine. Controlled by over 400 e:cue Butler S2, the resulting light display is akin to that of a traditional Chinese landscape painting, highlighting the natural beauty of the lake and the surrounding area. The color-changing display creates a mesmerizing and dynamic swathe of light that washes over the lake and mountains like shimmering brushstrokes in the night.

The wondrous light installation even uses the mountains themselves as a canvas, creating the effect of an invisible brush dancing to the rhythm of nature and highlighting all its glory. As the landscape lights up, the view serves to remind spectators of the past, the technology shows what’s possible in the present and together they can act as an inspiration for what the future may hold.

By integrating state-of-the-art innovations with the natural environment of Yanqi Lake, OSRAM Lighting Solutions was able to create a painting made of light, underlining the incredible beauty of China’s landscape while simulating traditional Chinese art. The success of this project shows once again that for OSRAM Lighting Solutions, the impossible is just an obstacle to overcome. Our vast experiences, knowledge and determination to keep striding forward and reach greater heights made this stunning amalgamation of nature and technology a solid and bright reality.


General Contractor / System Integrator:Beijing Landsky Environmental Technology Co.