Style and energy efficiency for University of Lincoln project

Lincoln, United Kingdom

The University of Lincoln has developed a reputation for delivering high quality education from its award-winning and contemporary facilities. At the heart of the university’s operations is its Minerva building, which is undergoing an extensive refurbishment project. Using Osram lighting, the university is bringing energy efficiencies, functionality and style to the building, transforming its work environment.


Kategorie: Office
Ort: Lincoln, Vereinigtes Königreich
Technologie/Dienstleistungen: Leuchten
Jahr: 2015

Completed in 1996 as the first building on the Brayford Pool campus development, the Minerva Building has a large, open atrium space surrounded by balconies on several floors and featuring exposed concrete and curtain wall glazing. As part of a new £130 million programme of capital investment in campus buildings and facilities, the university has started to roll out a refurbishment project throughout the Minerva building. Replacing and upgrading the building’s lighting solution is key to the refurbishment’s success.

The Vega solution

The University of Lincoln has had a long and successful relationship with Osram. Based on the university’s requirements and Osram’s lighting calculations, the Osram team recommended and designed a configuration for its latest Vega fittings to be installed in the Minerva building’s main office space during its refurbishment.
The fitting for the designer Vega luminaires is flexible, making installation simple and easy to plan as part of the wider refurbishment project. The fitting also makes it possible for the university to suspend multiple luminaires across the ceiling of the open plan office space. This creates a uniform look and enhances the architectural features of the building itself.

The benefits of Vega

Vega luminaires offer the university efficient, high quality LED technology. Vega’s specially developed prism structures also ensure that the directives applicable for offices are fulfilled; reducing glare and bringing comfortable luminaires to the computer screen-filled office environment. The luminaires have a stylised look and when switched off, the light guide prism plate, which is just 0.5cm high, is practically transparent.
The success of the Osram installation has set a new precedent for lighting across the university in terms of looks, flexibility and energy saving benefits. The LEDs use around half the wattage of the previous lighting solution and are supplied fitted with daylight detection and motion detection. If daylight is measured at 400 lux or higher, the luminaires will not switch on even if motion detection perceives presence. This means that the university is able to preserve energy; reducing costs and protecting the environment.

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