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With more than 50 years of experience in the laser business, we offer innovative laser diodes for different applications with a broad portfolio of infrared, blue and green lasers. Read further to discover our technology.

Industrial LiDAR

Strongest LiDAR portfolio on the market with VCSELs & edge emitting lasers

LiDAR systems in industry applications enable industrial automation, traffic control, range finders and much more. For those systems ams OSRAM offers both core infrared technologies: edge emitting lasers and VCSEL

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With our selection guide for industrial LiDAR applications, we support finding the right infrared laser for your needs. Discover the full portfolio offered by ams OSRAM and VIXAR.

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Realizing LiDAR systems using VCSELs for industrial applications such as robotics, drones and automated guided vehicles is getting more and more common,

Jabil’s Omnidirectional Sensor, based on time-of-flight technology, captures depth information in a radial format, removing the need for multiple independent sensors on robotics platforms paving the way for industrial LiDAR applications.

In the interview, Ian Blasch, Senior Director of Business Development at Jabil, and Dominik Schulten, Senior Business Development Manager at VIXAR®, share their success story. Listen in!

LiDAR technology is crucial on the path to autonomous driving, since it paves the way and guides vehicles and its passengers safely through the traffic. Depending on the applied LiDAR system and the distance of objects to be identified different degrees of the light sources edge-emitting lasers and VCSEL (»vertical cavity surface emitting lasers«) are required. Only when edge emitting lasers and VCSEL function complementary can the full potential of LiDAR be unleashed and the overarching goal of road safety be achieved. As an experienced innovation leader, ams OSRAM is the only player in the market that offers both – edge emitting lasers and VCSEL solutions. 

Latest technological milestone:
Thanks to the newly developed chip design, edge emitting lasers can match and even exceed the wavelength stability of VCSELs at operating temperatures of up to 125°C typical for automotive applications.

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3D Sensing

Technology leader in the VCSEL area offering leading performance in 3D sensing applications

Capturing three-dimensional information of the surroundings is key to unlocking many new and exciting applications - from biometric identification to robotics and automation to in-cabin monitoring to Lidar.

New Zealand based Chronoptics ( has developed a unique flexible 3D ToF camera that delivers robust accurate 3D data tailored to suit any application, using the ams OSRAM BIDOS® VCSEL.

Listen to the interview, in which Richard Conroy (CEO) and Refael Whyte (CTO) of Chronoptics, as well as our marketing expert Eric explain the technology and advantages behind why the BIDOS® family was the perfect choice for this camera platform.

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Technology leader with diversified VCSEL portfolio

VIXAR® offers a diversified portfolio of VCSELS – three power levels from low to high power as well as different package options to meet different application requirements. Check out! Have a look at the full portfolio and download the product portfolio guide to get direct linkage to the respective datasheets.


The VIXAR® Technology Tool Box holds the full broadband of leading VCSEL technologies – discover the current technological advances in VCSEL design and performance for next generation 3D sensing applications.

Additionally, you should not miss the Tech Talk covering the VIXAR® Technology Tool Box topics.

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The VIXAR® evaluation modules were developed to assist VCSEL development for indirect Time of Flight (iToF) applications.

  • Can be driven for high speed pulsed operation with high optical pulses up to 80 W of peak power
  • Can be used to evaluate VIXAR’s high power VCSEL products over a wide range of testing conditions
  • Available mounted on an evaluation board for quick setup and measurement of VIXAR’s high power die with a simplified high-speed GaN FET circuit
  • SMA connectors allow quick connections for pulse triggers and FET voltage measurements
  • The module has shown to deliver 80W of peak optical power with 110 A of forward current

Interested? Then you should not miss the Laser Tech Talk “Simplifying Time of Flight applications - the evaluation modules by ams OSRAM and VIXAR” on March, 8th at 10am PST.

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Laser Illumination

Key player in the field of visible InGaN lasers

ams OSRAM serves a board portfolio for laser illumination:

  • High temperature range and great optical output power of blue and green InGaN lasers
  • High power performance with blue multi-mode laser diodes
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Near-to-eye Projection for smart glasses

The light behind your augmented reality experience

Projecting information onto special eyeglasses, or directly onto the user’s retina, requires extraordinary technology. ams OSRAM is perfectly placed to develop and deliver this technology. With its LED and Laser portfolio for Near-to-eye Projection a small and consumer-friendly form factor of smart glasses is enabled, as well as a large field of view.

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Material Processing

High Power Laser Bars for Industrial Applications

ams OSRAM offers GaAs laser bars for optical pumping and direct material processing in industrial, medical and other existing or emerging applications like heating or IR illumination.

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