3D Sensing

Application - Health Monitoring and Fitness Tracking - Runner uses smart watch

BIDOS® for 3D Sensing – leading edge VCSEL technology

Infrared (IR) VCSELs are a key element of state-of-the-art 3D sensing systems.

3D Sensing is an innovation driver in a wide range of applications.

The BIDOS® family of VCSEL illumination modules is a key component for time of flight 3D sensing systems. 3D sensing finds increasing adoption in various fields. Growing applications like people counting, virtual safety barriers, biometric authentication for payment or object avoidance in robotics are all enabled by 3D sensing. Additionally, there are emerging applications in AR/VR headsets such as 3D gesture recognition or environment sensing.


  • High-Power VCSELs with leading-edge multi-junction chip technology and robust packaging
  • Various optical output power options
  • Multiple FoI (Field of Illumination) available
  • Integrated photodiode for simple eye safety integration

3D Sensing finds use in a broad range of applications