SOLERIQ® S 9, S 13, S 19 - Full portfolio, strong performance, superb color quality

General Lighting Monthly Review March 2016

Product Launch SOLERIQ® S 9

26.04.2016 | Products

SOLERIQ® S 9, S 13, S 19 - Full portfolio, strong performance, superb color quality

SOLERIQ® S are specifically designed for applications requiring large flux packages out of a compact light emitting area. With a comprehensive list of accessories ranging from connectors to lenses and reflectors,

SOLERIQ® S is easy for lighting manufacturers to use. With a light emitting surface (LES) of ∅ 9.8 mm, ∅ 13.5 mm or ∅ 19.0 mm, the SOLERIQ platform increases the flexibility for various designs, supports the LED interhanceability and even enables Zhaga standard designs for LES 13 and 19.

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SOLERIQ® S Brilliant White and Brilliant Color

The SOLERIQ® S Brilliant White range offers pure, clean and clear white light, free of greenish or yellowish tints – white just appears whiter. The SOLERIQ® S Brilliant Color range offers the same appearance of natural white and also enhances the appearance of colored objects – with more saturated and distinct colors, better color discrimination and clearness, an effect well known from HID lamps.

Product Launch DURIS ® P products


Until now, costly ceramic-based LEDs are used for professional exterior lighting applications. With the DURIS® P series OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is now offering epoxy-based packages that generally provide superior lumen/$. In addition, the new DURIS® P highpower and ultra-high-power LEDs grant uncompromising reliability and performance. To achieve this, we have transferred our special experience in combining competitive lead frame technology and high-power chips for automotive headlight LEDs in the field of General Lighting.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductor TEN° binning

Superb Color Consistency with TENº binning

SOLERIQ® S featuring TENº binning offers unprecedented color consistency!

TEN° binning addresses color consistency by adding a more representative CIE 2015 10° Observer Color Binning Scheme to the industry standard CIE 1931 2° color space. This breakthrough is necessary to cater for the typical general lighting applications where color consistency is judged under a 10° field of view rather than a 2°.

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