Xgimi Projector Achieves 2,200 lumens and more brilliant colors thanks to ams Osram Ostar Projection Power Family

In April 2021, Xgimi, a high-tech leader in the projection field, launched its Horizon Pro flagship projector. With ams Osram’s Ostar Projection Power family of LEDs as the primary light source, Horizon Pro can achieve a brightness of up to 2,200 ANSI lumens, creating a stunning 4K image for audiences in almost any environment. Xgimi is headquartered in Chengdu City, China, and held more than 18 percent of the global pico projector market in 2020.


Kategorie: Entertainment
Unterkategorie: Projection Systems
Ort: China
Technologie/Dienstleistungen: LED-Komponenten
Jahr: 2021

Consumers are increasingly looking for smart LED projectors, especially as we consume more video content than ever before. And, expectations for projectors have shifted from demand for larger screens and lower prices to higher brightness and definition.

The Horizon Pro projector is equipped with four components from ams Osram’s Ostar Projection Power Family that provide richer colors and contrasts. Combined with the company’s 4-channel top-side pumping light-engine technology, Xgimi can capitalize on the company’s superior reliability and quality.

“ams Osram has been an exceptional partner in helping us lead the market in the next generation of projectors,” said Sam Shen, VP of Marketing at Xgimi. “Just a few short years ago, shipping a pico projector with a 4K picture and over 2,000 lumens that uses LEDs would have been impossible, but the ams Osram’s LEDs made this technology a reality. By giving consumers higher resolutions and brightness, we believe that these LEDs will bring a new era of smart projection and media consumption.”

With 12 new products in the ams Osram Ostar Projection Power family, the company has made several technical advancements to enhance brightness efficacy, while still providing the traditional advantages of LED light sources. These components have broken through technical barriers and spurred progress in multiple technological fields.

Compared with other products of the same power consumption, the ams Osram Ostar Projection Power family requires less working current, a simpler LED driver and a more straightforward contact between components - making it easier for system designers to optimize solutions. With the improvement of packaging technology, this series of LEDs can be directly coupled with the heat sink without additional isolation. The underlying, mechanical framework of new products inherits the basic framework of the previous generation, which ensures that customers can quickly and conveniently exchange products in their existing projector system at lower costs.