Nanostack Pulsed Laser Diode

SPL DS90A_3 - Nanostack pulsed laser diode for LiDAR applications

Nanostack pulsed laser diodes for automotive and industry LIDAR applications

Automotive LiDAR

LiDAR systems are an integral part of driving assistance systems, such as lane assist and emergency braking systems in autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles. The propagation time of very short light pulses is used to determine the distance between the vehicle and objects in its vicinity. When a laser pulse hits a person or an object it is reflected and captured by a detector. From the time between the emission of the laser beam and its detection it is possible to calculate the distance to the object. The safety system can then decide whether, for example, the vehicle should brake or drive around the person or object.

Industry LiDAR

LiDAR systems in industry applications enable industrial automation, traffic control, range finders and much more. Those systems are based on different measurement techniques such as structured light, direct and indirect time of flight. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a broad portfolio of nanostack pulsed laser diodes with a variety of package designs, that allows application flexibility and serves a great spectrum of different power classes.

  • Qualifications: The product qualification test plan is based on the guidelines of AEC-Q102, failure mechanism based stress test qualification for discrete optoelectronic semiconductors in automotive applications
  • Reliable strained InGaAs material
  • High power large-optical-cavity laser structure
  • The Nanostack laser technology includes 3 epitaxially stacked emitters for highest power density and easy driver design
  • Die attach via glueing is recommended
  • Industrial Automation
  • LiDAR, Pre-Crash, ACC
  • Pedestrian Protection / Lane Departure Warning
  • Safety and Security
  • 3D sensing