Chip LED Family – The global standard in indication and backlighting

Chip LED – Small package – flexible application for small space requirements

The products are designed for optimized performance out of a very small form factor to realize state of the art solutions. The broad product portfolio addresses various areas inside applications like Electronic Equipment, Gaming, White Goods, Illumination and Backlighting.

Chip LED

  • Broad chip LED Portfolio: all colors in many sizes available
  • Small packages ensure utilization for space critical designs and applications
  • Industry standard footprints

Chip LED 0402

  • Package: SMT package 0402
  • Available in Blue, True Green, Red, White

Chip LED 0603

  • Package: SMT package 0603
  • Available in Blue, True Green, Yellow Green, Yellow, Orange, Super Red, White

Chip LED 0805

  • Package: SMT package 0805
  • Available in Yellow Green, Yellow, Orange, Super Red, Hyper Red

Chip LED

  • Electronic Equipment
  • Gaming, Amusement, Gambling
  • Textile Illumination
  • White Goods
  • Buttons and Switches
  • Illumination and Backlighting