SYNIOS® P 2720 - Full performance and flexibility with just one footprint

SYNIOS® P 2720 is a powerful and reliable product family that excels through its high brightness, low thermal resistance and thermal stability. Featuring different chip size classes and colors with one common footprint, the SYNIOS® P 2720 family also shines with high flexibility and full scalability. Another great advantage of the SYNIOS® P 2720 is its exceptional temperature cycle stability. The lead frame part is optimized for the thermal expansion coefficient of the circuit board, thus securing very stable soldered joints.

  • Small outline dimensions (esp. height)
  • Best Rth in class for mid-power devices
  • Full color spectrum
  • Flat package, suitable for secondary optics
  • Corrosion robustness class 3B, suitable for exterior applications

SYNIOS® P 2720

  • Superior light quality
  • Broad color and white portfolio

SYNIOS® P 2720

  • Transportation, Plane, Ship
  • Signaling
  • Architecture