Customer Benefit

Energy Audit

By constantly striving for quality we increase our customers' satisfaction and improve his competitive position. This simple equation is the driving force behind the OSRAM Opto Semiconductor quality policy

We achieve this through

  • Focusing on adding customer value
  • Continuous quality and reliability tests

Continuous enhancement of experience and know-how in opto-semiconductor Quality and Reliability is enabled by our own reliability engineering & research group.

Competitive enhancement THROUGH Quality

Development & Design

  • Customer focused qualification
  • Customer application support
  • Development and qualification in a crossfunctional team


  • Supplier integration
  • Audited ‘best in class’ production process quality
  • Zero Tolerance To Defects (ZTTD) program for continuous improvement

After Sales

  • Early warning system
  • Internal global complaint management system
  • “Strategic supplier” meetings with key customers

The process:


  • On-site inspection
  • Detection of lamps & luminaires
  • Investment appraisal


Estimation of...

  • ...Saving
  • ...Investment
  • ...Amorization


  • Analysis of existing brightness
  • Record of operation hours/lamp types
  • Light Planning and product proposal


Calculation of...

    • ...Saving
    • ...Investment
    • ...Amortization


  • Development of lighting solution per selected area
  • Consideration of LMS


Detailed Light Plan
Proposal of lighting solution incl. LSM


  • Dismantling of current light solution
  • Disposal based on national policy


Full disposal of old light installation


  • Installation of new lamps and luminaires
  • Consideration of operation hours


Full installation of new light solution including LMS system


Cross-location lighting concept based on energy audits

Havi Logistics

  • Up to 80% reduction of energy costs for light.
  • Use of LED technology in combination with an intelligent Light Management System
  • Robust LED luminaires applicable for the cold enviroment of up to -23°C in combination with presence sensors installed
  • Pan-European Energy audit and refurbishment of light in 55 locations
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