Pixelated LED Technology

Pixelated Light Source

What is multipixel LED technology?

Illumination and Visualization with one component

Pixelated light sources enable visualzation and illumination at the same time in just one component. The hybrid LED is another example of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' products making a major contribution to improving the quality of life in many different areas.

The pixelated lightsource projects images and messages on the ground to guide or alert people and within the same component defined areas are illuminated by enlighting only the needed pixels.

The pixelated lightsource enables an active distribution of light. Only light pixels which are needed are energized and switched on, others are not active. This makes the component very efficient and ideal for energy-saving concepts.

pixelated light

By selectively enlighting pixels, one component can illuminate or fade out defined areas. Besides enlighting this components also enable projection of patterns, symbols or letters, so information can be visualize.

Projection by pixel LED

As this is new generation of LED lighting, various applications are possible, depending on the lighting designers creativity

  • Intelligent forward lighting in Automotive
  • Projection of information on roads coming from cars, busses, trains streetlights etc
  • Dynamic light - to present this at our light & building booth, we prepared a labyrinth with a red ball moving in two axis. In this case the pixelated light source was combined with a camera recognizing the ball, so the light could easily fall the ball when moving through the labyrinth.